What to Look for in a Good Pharmacist

The pharmacists are vital members of the healthcare team. Their roles in the healthcare industry are becoming more significant, steadily increasing and constantly evolving. Although it may not seem like it, pharmacists are invested on your health and well-being and are dedicated to you as much as the other members of your healthcare team. To be able to serve the clientele well and succeed in the industry, a pharmacist must have the following traits and characteristics:

  • Detail-oriented – a good pharmacist is aware of every detail of his client’s needs and is conscious of his every action. He or she should be cautious about each prescription to avoid making mistakes which may have harmful and terrible effects. Being detail-oriented allows him or her to make conclusions from information given by patients and their doctors.
  • Good memory – working with thousands of drugs and prescriptions, a pharmacist should have a sharp and excellent memory. It is his responsibility to remember every name, indication, use, side effect, and dosage of every medicine or drug available. Excellent memory and recall are also necessary when dealing with clients since a good pharmacist must be able to remember each client’s needs and requirements each time they return to the store.
  • Interpersonal skills – being front-liners in the world of pharmaceutics, pharmacists should be able to face and handle all types of people. They are dealing with customers, doctors, nurses, etc. on a daily basis so they should be able to adapt to any type of personality. They should also be ready to educate a client or customer whenever needed.
  • Approachable – being in the pharmaceutical business is oftentimes difficult and depressing since you are dealing with sickness most of the time. A good and effective pharmacist is approachable and has a kind demeanor when dealing with clients or customers. Being aware and sensitive to the client’s emotions and showing empathy makes a pharmacist more approachable. It won’t be hard to open up and communicate with an approachable pharmacist, which makes it easier to clarify and address concerns.
  • Knowledgeable – this is pretty self-explanatory since a pharmacist must always know what he is doing. Good pharmacists are willing to continue learning and keep adding to their already wide knowledge of pharmaceutics. They are constantly interested in medical and scientific developments and advancements. Aside from their knowledge on drugs and medicine, they must also display the ability to interpret and decipher prescriptions.
  • Responsible – a good and effective pharmacist is willing to accept responsibility for any outcome of his duties. He is ready to commit to a task and finish it.
  • Patience – dealing with strict doctors, unruly staff, distressed clients, and difficult insurance companies, sometimes all in one day, requires a high level of patience and understanding. A reliable pharmacist should be able to handle the stresses attached to the job and must deal with each one patiently and efficiently. He or she should be able to stay calm and composed no matter what issues or complications may arise.

Although lucrative and rewarding, being a pharmacist is not easy. To be considered a good and reliable pharmacist, you must have all the above-mentioned qualities plus more. You are a contributor to your client or customer’s wellness and recovery which is why every interaction should be meaningful and sincere. We, at Kustom Wellness, aim to achieve your trust and confidence in us. Our staff, especially our pharmacists, has your well-being at heart. Kustom Wellness pharmacists are equipped with everything you need and want from your neighborhood pharmacist. We guarantee that you will feel comfortable and right at home with us.

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