The 5 Benefits Of Pediatric Compounding

At Kustom Wellness, we offer Pediatric Compounding to accommodate the medication needs of our young customers. Typically, children don’t like taking medications, whether it’s because of the taste or texture, and this is where our compounding services can come in handy.

More specifically, here are some ways wherein Pediatric Compounding can benefit your children:

  1. Dosage adjustments according to their weight and size. Commercial medications are sold at exact doses, and unfortunately, those doses aren’t always compatible with children. This is where pediatric compounding can help. Our pharmacists can make the appropriate dosage adjustments using an exact dose per weight ratio calculation. We understand that giving a dose that’s even a few micrograms or milligrams can be the difference between adverse effects and success, so we make sure to get it right.
  2. Adding flavor. A lot of children refuse to take medications due to its taste, but with pediatric compounding, we can add flavor to your children’s medication, making it more palatable for them to drink. We can add flavors that match their favorite tastes.
  3. Delivery format adjustment. Aside from medication dosage, the delivery format (how children take their medicines) is vital as well. After all, the wrong delivery format can make it difficult or even impossible for children to take their medications. It may even pose a serious choking hazard. With pediatric compounding, we can make some adjustments to their medication delivery format. We can prepare their medications in pills, liquids, lozenges, chewable tablets, and more.
  4. Combining multiple medications. Making children drink one medication can be challenging enough, but imagine if they need to take multiple prescriptions? To avoid the hassle of multiple medications, pediatric compounding can combine multiple medications that are safe to mix into a single delivery format.
  5. Compounding commercially unavailable medications. Are your children’s medications no longer sold commercially? Don’t worry! With our compounding service, we can still prepare their required medications.

These are just five of the many benefits that pediatric compounding can bring. So, if you are looking for reliable compounding services in Palm Beach Gardens, FL, come visit our pharmacy or contact us at 561-469-1558 for more information and assistance.

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