7 Benefits of Pharmacy Compounding You Probably Don’t Know

7 Benefits of Pharmacy Compounding You Probably Don’t Know

Compounding is the art and science of creating personalized drugs. The specifications done to the drugs are based on the patient’s needs. This breakthrough created more ways to optimize the quality of life among different people.

Not all pharmacies and medical institutions have a compounding facility. But if you are looking for one, choose Kustom Wellness. We offer a wide array of selections and compounding techniques to keep up the demands of our clients.

To know what benefits compounding brings, see this list:

  1. Convenient medication.Some patients have a hard time taking medicines orally. Doctors would recommend infusion or the liquefied version of the involved drugs. But the thing is, not all tablet or capsule-form drug has their commercially available liquefied counterpart. The solution? It is compounding.

    Compounding provides patients options. It allows them to receive the necessary medication despite their previous inability to do so.

  2. Production of discontinued drugs.Some drugs stay out of commission perhaps due to lack of sufficient demand. But what if that drug is the only treatment that maintains a loved one’s health? It would be problematic. Thanks to compounding, that is no longer a dilemma. Compounding pharmacists may replicate the same drug.
  3. Alteration of chemical concentration.Drugs commercially produced are designed to cap certain tolerance levels. But, what one’s needs are different than that of the general population. Compounding makes the impossible possible. Compounding adjusts drugs to satisfy the precise and special needs of requesting patients.
  4. Removal of irritants.Some patients are allergic to certain drugs. This would mean that they would not be able to take the said drugs or else they might die from anaphylactic shock. With the advancement of pharmacy compounding, such allergen may be removed while the quality and effectivity of the drugs is still maintained.
  5. Modification of flavor.Kids are picky, especially when it comes to taking medicines. They would often throw tantrums even with just the sight of the drugs’ container. What to do? Compounding again can save the day.

    Drugs’ flavors, colors, and shapes can be altered. This will make medications easier with them because they will not know that what they are enjoying is the medicine already and not candy.

  6. Veterinary compounding. Animal medicines are not common in the market. To fully promote their health, compounding may be resorted.
  7. Specialty drugs.These drugs are characterized as high-complexity and / or high-touch drugs. Specialty drugs are oftentimes biologics, or those drugs that are derived from living cells. Specialty drugs are used to treat rare and chronic diseases like hemophilia, HIV, Hepatitis C, rheumatoid arthritis, cancer and psoriasis.

    They are also not commercially produced.

Kustom Wellness understands that not all diseases can be treated with over-the-counter drugs. Some doesn’t have a commercially available stock. That’s why we are here. We aim to provide you relief, convenience, and availability.

Talk with our pharmacists to know more. Call 561-469-1558.

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