6 Things You Should Stop Believing About Weight Loss

6 Things You Should Stop Believing About Weight Loss

6 Things You Should Stop Believing About Weight Loss

Staying fit and slim has always been a dream for many people, especially those with some extra belly fats. Achieving a dreamy body will surely boost one’s self-confidence and health. However, the process to achieve such goal is not so easy. Many have tried but only a few had succeeded.

As a response to the rigorous training and diet, people tend to find hacks or short cuts to go about it. It shines a ray of hope to those who want to lose weight as fast as possible.

Sorry to burst your bubble, but they are hoaxes. Not yet convinced? Read the following below and ponder:

  1. Skip breakfasts!The lesser meals you take, the more belly fat you’ll lose – seems logical. Unfortunately, the human body is not as simple as that. There are several factors that contributes to weight gain and weight loss.Many studies are conducted about skipping breakfasts. The results have shown that non-breakfast eaters tend to gain more weight.

    As regards to the rumour that breakfasts stimulates metabolism, there is still no study that proves the same. It is most likely a lie.

  2. Sure-fire diet loss program: eat less, move more.As said in the previous number, the human body is complex. There is no such things as a uniform diet program or standardized selection of food. Factors like age, genes, and gender are critical.A visit to the dietitian should be made before any attempt on diets. Some people need to eat more to lose more. What matters is the right kind of food at the right kind of amount.
  3. Fats are to blame.If the fats consumed are within the recommended value, one will not get fat. Fats are necessary nutrients for the body’s normal functioning. The same has been part of the human diet since time in memorial.
  4. Carbs will make you fat.The same is true with carbs, if the intake is sufficient and not beyond the limits, then it will not promote obesity. There are healthy kinds of carbohydrates, like those found on whole foods.
  5. Fast foods are definitely fattening.This is not necessarily true. Some fast foods nowadays offer healthy menus which are perfect for people who are always on the go.
  6. Weight loss diet programs work.Don’t just aim on completing a certain diet program because after which, you are bound to gain back the weight you lost. Healthy measures should not just be temporarily observed, but thoroughly maintained. The key to proper and effective weight loss is habit.

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