6 Major Reasons Why Acne Can Ruin a Teenager’s Life

6 Major Reasons Why Acne Can Ruin a Teenager’s Life


When asked about a horrifying acne experience, Moon Unit Zappa, an American actress and an author, shared, “I spent most of my life locked in my bedroom, miserable about my raging acne.”

It cannot be denied that physical appearance matters. While it may not define who we are, it does influence on how we behave. Acne is one of the skin problems many teenagers go through. Kustom Wellness is here to list down some of the ways it can ruin your life.

  1. It lowers self-esteem.
    Esteem is derived from aetimare, a Latin word which means to appraise, value, weigh, or estimate. Self-esteem simply refers to a person’s appraisal of their own worth. Many people who have acne lack self-esteem. Society perceives beauty as having a flawless skin. Because of this, acne sufferers consider themselves as ugly.
  2. It leads to social withdrawal.
    Severe facial acne causes sufferers to be the subject of cruel taunts and jokes from other people. This makes sufferers withdraw themselves from society. They become shy and reclusive. There are even reported cases wherein sufferers develop social phobia.
  3. It lowers academic performance.
    Teenagers who have acne do not want to go to school for fear of being bullied and laughed at by their classmates and schoolmates. This leads to poor school performance.
  4. It limits career choices.
    Under the federal law of the United States, an employer may not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, sex, age, or disability status. Physical appearance is not included in the enumeration. But even if it does, there are certain jobs that include physical appearance as a qualification, such as modeling and being a flight attendant. If your dream job is to become a model, this may be difficult for you to attain such position if you have severe acne.
  5. It destroys relationships.
    Some acne sufferers find it difficult to form or maintain romantic relationships. This is because insecurity gets in the way. Insecurity is the biggest destroyer in relationships. Acne sufferers think that their partner will just leave them when they find someone who has an acne-free skin. Because of this fear, the insecure person becomes bossy, misapprehensive, and mistrusting. As the person becomes more insecure, their partner becomes more distant. This will lead to an inevitable break up.
  6. It negatively affects mental health.
    Several studies have shown that teenagers who suffer from severe acne have higher rates of depressive symptoms, anxiety, suicidal ideations, and suicidal attempts.

There are many causes of acne. But in most cases, the problem lies with you (e.g. poor skin care regimen, unhealthy diet, etc.) Kustom Wellness is here to act as your fairy god mother. We can make your wishes come true and have the radiant and beautiful skin you always wanted. We have a team of incredible health experts that can help you with your skincare dilemmas. We compound medications specifically for Rx Skin Therapy.

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