9 Tell-Tale Signs that Your Dog Is Feeling Unwell


Dogs cannot put what they feel into words. This makes it difficult for dog owners to determine whether they are feeling well or not. The good news is that there are actually some signs to identify whether your dog is sick. Kustom Wellness elaborates on these signs.

  1. A sudden change in eating patternsOne of the earliest signs that your dog is not feeling well is if there is a sudden change in how much your pet eats. If they are eating less or eating profusely, then it may be a signal that you should take them to the vet in pronto! Watch out also if your dog is significantly gaining or losing weight.
  2. A drastic change in behaviorAs the owner, you very well know if your dog is behaving strangely. If you noticed it, your dog is probably trying to tell you something. Below are some manifestations that your fluffy friend does not feel good:
    • – Lethargy
    • – Irritability
    • – Isolation
  3. Vomiting and/or tummy troublesVomiting and/or diarrhea can be a consequence of food allergies, inflammatory bowel disease, or some other serious conditions. If these signs show for over 24 hours, you have to take your pet to the hospital right away.
  4. Sneezing, coughing, or other breathing problemsAnimals also display similar signs of illness that humans experience. When not feeling well, dogs frequently sneeze or cough. These symptoms are even sometimes accompanied by a persistent nasal discharge.
  5. Frequent urinationIf your pet keeps on urinating during small intervals, there may be something wrong with them. Excessive urination could mean a kidney issue. The first thing you need to do is to inspect their urine. If you notice any blood, then there is definitely something wrong with your dog.
  6. Pale gumsWhen your dog is sick, their gums tend to change in color. If your pet’s gums turn pale, bluish, bright red, splotchy, or yellow, this could signify a serious condition.
  7. Twitching or shakingIt is normal for a dog to twitch or shake at times. However, if they are frequently doing it, then there may be something wrong with them. This could be a sign of a decrease in normal body temperature.
  8. Noticeable physical changesDo you see any changes in your dog’s appearance? If yes, then it could point to illness. Here are some physical changes you should worry about:
    • – Hair loss
    • – Rashes
    • – Bloody lumps
    • – Weight loss or weight gain
  9. Persistent aches and painYou will be able to identify if your dog is suffering from pain. They tend to display aggression when you touch them. You can also look for swelling around their bones or joints.

Here at Kustom Wellness, our pharmaceutical services are not only limited to humans, but they also extend to your pets. We understand the significant role pets play in your life. As such, we have veterinary medications available. For pharmacy questions and other pet care product inquiries, do not hesitate to pick up your phone and call us at 561-469-1558.

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