What happens when you go through menopause?

Generally, menopause occurs among women between the ages of 45 to 55. Many women consider this period a time of anxiety and distress because it brings various changes and symptoms which we have not been used to.

Although every woman expects that the day of their menopause will come, only a few are well-equipped with what we should expect once it happens. Hence, it would be helpful to get maternity therapy from Kustom Wellness and bear in mind the following:

Workout Routines should be Changed

If working out is one of the things you do to maintain a healthy weight, you might need to add more routines to get that ideal weight. This happens because weight gain is a common effect of menopause.
Since estrogen levels decrease when a woman experience menopause, we tend to eat more and have less stamina to exercise. Another reason is the fact that our metabolism slows down as we age. Thus, if we want to maintain a healthy weight, Kustom Wellness encourages us to exert extra effort and work out harder.

Susceptibility to STDs Increase

One common misconception among women having sex after menopause is that we stop using all types of protection because it is no longer necessary. Since most of us believe that we will no longer conceive after menopause, we do not use condoms or IUDs anymore, believing that unprotected sex will not harm us. However, this should not be the case. When we do this, we are just exposing ourselves to possible sexually transmitted diseases.
Another thing we should take note of is- we can still get pregnant during perimenopause period. Perimenopause is the stage in a woman’s life when the ovaries gradually stop releasing ovaries, but this happens before menopause proper. So when you are at this stage in your life, you should not stop using protection altogether when having sex.

But, our sexual drive won’t necessarily fluctuate

Another misconception that most women have about menopause is that our sexual drive will decrease during menopause. The truth is, it is not the sexual drive that decreases. Since sexual intercourse becomes painful because of the decrease of estrogen levels in the body, the vaginal lining thins out causing pain in the area. When this happens, a woman would usually choose, by herself, to stop having sex.

Nonetheless, having sex during menopause could actually be advantageous if done properly. When we have sex often and at a regular interval during menopause, the vaginal lining protects itself and a callus-like skin build-up develops. This skin build-up gradually protects our vagina from pain after some time.

Be knowledgeable and well-informed of the things that happen to your body. Every pain and distress has an underlying cause and that cause would definitely have a cure. So stop ignoring any menopausal effects. Find a way to ease them or to eliminate them altogether.

Blog Headline: What happens when you go through menopause? Blog Description: Menopause occurs among women 45 to 55. Many women have anxiety and distress because it brings various changes and symptoms.
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