4 Possible Reasons Why Your Acne is Recurring

4 Possible Reasons Why Your Acne is Recurring

Flawless, radiant skin is a woman’s best accessory. No amount of makeup could compensate for the damage your skin gets every single day.

Skin problems such as acne are usually attributed to stress and harmful free-radicals that you get from the external environment.

But that’s not just it. No matter how you try to avoid getting stressed and staying in polluted areas, your skin could still get ugly blemishes. Who’s to blame? Sometimes, it’s you. Here are some daily practices that make you a skin culprit, yourself:

Applying irritating make-up
Many women find comfort and confidence in wearing makeup. Truly, beautiful lip shades and silky shadow palettes could accentuate your natural beauty. However, little do you know that certain ingredients mixed in makeup could trigger skin problems. So, before you hoard on new makeup collections, check the ingredients. Make sure to use hypoallergenic products that will not cause any skin issues. Practice not to use makeup beyond its expiration date. Keep your makeup tools such as sponges and brushes clean. It’s also best to store them in dust-free containers.

Binge-eating on spicy and oily food
Spicy noodles, pizza, and French fries have always made it to your Friday night menu with your friends. Before you devour on these delectable goods, it’s important for you to know that these could trigger symptoms of acne. Scientists say that spicy foods contain acidic lycopene that could function as skin irritant. On the other hand, the oils used to fry certain foods could clog your pores, triggering skin breakouts.

Hair mistakes
How you take care of your hair also has something to do with your acne problems. Not washing it enough causes your hair to build up oil and dirt which touches your skin. Using too much products also trigger skin problems. Certain chemicals can easily clog your pores once it gets in contact with your skin.

Dozing off on dirty sheets and pillows
Soiled bed sheets and pillows create a breeding ground for bacteria. The dirt, sweat, and oil suspended on the sheets easily transfers to your face, defeating your nightly skincare routine. As a rule of thumb, change your sheets and pillows every two to three days. Practice using sheets and pillow cases that are made of natural fibers which are believed to transfer less oil.

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